Thursday, January 27, 2011

Why do People Want to immigrate to the United States?

Many people from different countries in the world have a common dream they wish to fulfill before they die, visiting the United States. Most of them are from the third world countries. What is so special about the United States? Why do many people want to come to the States before they die? Why don’t they choose maybe Japan, maybe Zimbabwe? It looks like there is something in the United States that no other country has. Before we burn our minds wondering what is so special about the United States, let’s look closely to the man reasons people really want to immigrate to the United States

There are major reasons for people to want to immigrate to the United States. People want to immigrate to the United States for better education/employment, for better life/ freedom and sometimes to be with their families.

People want to immigrate to the United States for education and employment which opens opportunities. The U.S is known as the land of opportunities. As much as the States have lower scores on Math and Science, it offers a good education system for everyone. High school drop-outs, old people, disabled people all have an opportunity to get into college or university at any time in their lives. People come to America to finish their education because they’ll have opportunities after they finish school. Many people want to grab knowledge and go back to better their countries. People with education from the States have lots of chances of getting better jobs in their countries. Other people want to work in the States so they get better pay than they were getting in their countries. The dollar is much higher than most countries’ currency. Many immigrants compose an increasingly essential proportion of the workforce in the States.

Most people want to immigrate to the States for better life and freedom and better life. The States is known for freedom. Unlike many countries, people can do whatever they want to do as long as it is within the law. Most people come from very poor and undeveloped countries so they come here to better their lives. They want to escape poverty and oppressive political regimes from their countries. Immigrants want to live in freedom; they want to practice their religions freely. As much as there is all the freedom and good life, many people just want to come to the States because they think life in America is the same as Hollywood shows us. That is not always the case; you need to work hard to have a glamorous life.

Some of the immigrants come to the States because they have their families residing in the United States and desire to reunification.  Through family-sponsored immigration like myself, a U.S citizen can sponsor his or her foreign-born spouse, parent, minor and adult married and unmarried children, and brothers and sisters. Lots of people come here through marriages, so they then are able to sponsor their family members to live with them in the States and experience the good life. Some people come here for work and leave their spouses back in their home countries. After sometime they try to bring their spouses with them. So each time a member of the family comes to the U.S there is a big possibility for other family members to come because they would want to be with their families.

Many people from a lot of countries want to come to the land of opportunities. There are very little negative speculations about the negatives of the United States. That is why people think when they move here they will live the Hollywood lifestyle. People need to be aware about the language barrier; they need to know that the States may adopt laws that restrict the rights for immigrants. People need to know the pros and cons of coming to the U.S so they are able to make clear decisions.


  1. It is very unfortunate that the media depicts not only an inaccurate picture but also a misleading one, as to what life in the states is all about.But then again funny how the average American perceives Africa as nothing but a big safari with the big five running loose and starving babies exploited in efforts to manipulate the hearts of caring, ignorat viewers dam, you should see their jaws drop when i converse fluently in English with the use of proper grammar, for the life of me i can never understand the feasibility of ignorance plaguing young minds in a 1st world country.I couldnt agree with you more when it comes to doing research, as people need to look beyond stereo type facades of Hollywood shows and delve into the everyday life of an ordinary US citizen, even though still they wouldnt be getting the holistic picture as a life of an immigrant differs immensely from that of an American citizen. i personally see life in the US as a diamond with many facets, each of them presenting its own issues that deal with the Amercan life and its society ,poverty, bureaucracy, xenophobia, oppptunities, or lack-there-of, the night life, the glitz and glamour but even so, one has to tread very carefully on these cunning waters as the the saying goes "all that glitters, is not gold" and "still waters run deep!"

  2. i am doing a project about cultures can you help me answer my question? my question is 'how do the many different cultures make america a strong country?'